Love at Kortright

Initials carved in a railing at the Kortright Centre, Ontario, seen August 2012

We love to inscribe our initials to show that we exist and are present now and for others to know in the future.  Sometimes it’s just our names or initials and sometimes we enclose these in hearts to mark our love.

It was no different at Kortright, where, on a recent visit, I noticed the carvings and drawings at the lookout points in the wooden railings.  I like to imagine the young people who left their marks, although they could have been left by people of any age.  There, in the woods, the markings took on an air of simplicity for me.

Perhaps someday I’ll add my initials to the others, a poignant sign of changing life and my desire to fix something in time and space that cannot be fixed.

Woods at Kortright Conservation Centre, August 2012, Southern Ontario

During this most recent outing to Kortright, while sitting on a bench in the woods, I turned my head and saw the trees as I had not before.  I cannot describe what called to me, except that the shapes of the trunks, the sun and shade, the greens and browns configured a pattern and an atmosphere that I felt I belonged to.

A chipmunk in motion at the Kortright Centre, Ontario, August, 2012.

On that late summer day, a few trees had begun showing orange leaves and two chipmunks on a path searched for food long enough for me to photograph one of them.


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