November’s Trees in Toronto

Tree Reflection, Toronto

Tree Reflection after rain in Toronto, Nov. 2012

Recently, the days have been mostly grey in Toronto, with an unusual sunny day this past Thursday.  It’s the dark time of the year, mid autumn, with the end of daylight savings time.  Most of the leaves have fallen off the trees.  As in every year, I turn to their branches as a source of beauty and connection to nature which I need in order to feel well.

Tree Reflection, Toronto

Reflection of a tree, Toronto, Nov. 2012

In the neighbourhood are many trees and gardens that I walk among.  But I’m always of the lookout, even downtown, for trees that soften the sometimes stark buildings.  Here’s some photos from recent rambles.

Branches in Downtown Toronto

Branches in Downtown Toronto, from the King Streetcar, Nov. 2012

Tree and Sansevieria Plants, Toronto

Tree and Sansevieria (Snake) Plants, downtown Toronto, on the King Street Car, Nov. 2012

November Trees, Building in Toronto

Trees in a stark environment seen from the King Streetcar, Nov. 2012, Toronto

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