Kortright Centre–Early Winter

Kortright Boardwalk

Boardwalk at Kortright Centre for Conservation, Dec. 2012

A few days before Christmas, I went northwest out of Toronto to the Kortright Centre for Conservation near Kleinburg, Ontario.  We had had no snow in Toronto at that point.  Our first was on the night of Dec. 26th.  At Kortright we found a dusting of snow in the woods. 

Kortright Boardwalk

Another view of the Boardwalk at Kortright Centre, Ontario, Dec. 2012

Kortright Stream

Stream at Kortright Centre, Ontario, Dec. 2012

As ever, this humble, yet beautiful, 800 acres of land lifted my spirits.  We hiked through the woods to the stream noting familiar, well-loved trees and hills and my favourite old roots from a fallen tree beside a trail.  I’ve photographed these roots in all seasons over the years.  And I’ve also painted them from several angles, bringing the peace of the near countryside into the city as I painted.

Old Roots Kortright

Old Roots at Kortright, Ontario, Dec. 2012

Old Roots Painting

Painting of Old Roots at Kortright by Lily S. May, 2008

We continued on, and I believe we saw an owl in the woods.  A bird with a large wingspan flew onto a tree too far away for me to clearly see his or her details.  But the silhouette seemed to me one of an owl.  I have heard of daytime owl sightings at Kortright in the past, but had never before seen the bird.  Earlier we’d seen a cardinal and blue jay at feeders outside the café and, as we hiked, we heard the calls of chickadees.

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