What Remains

Wild plants by Pottery Road

By Pottery Road, March 2013, Toronto

Earlier this week, a dear friend of ours, Ron Silvers, died.  A few days later I was out walking down Pottery Road, along the edge of Todmorden Mills in Toronto.  There I came upon a tumble of dried plants at the side of the hill which I confess I cannot identify. (I have much to learn.) The plants reminded me of Ron with their, and his, humble beauty—and of the province of Saskatchewan where he lived during the last years of his life.  At that moment by the road, I felt Ron’s presence strongly.

Plants by Pottery Road

Wild dry plants by Pottery Road in Toronto, March 2013

Ron, among the other hats that he wore, both literal and figurative,  was a fine art photographer.  His photos of Tibet, the Antarctic, the Yukon and the first sun of the millennium from Ellesmere Island are deeply felt, haunting images.  You can see them at www.photographicexplorations.ca.

This is for Ron, who remains in our hearts and thoughts, in the grass and wind and in whatever of nature speaks to us.

Plants by Pottery Road

Plants by Pottery Road, March 2013, Toronto


2 Comments on “What Remains”

  1. I often refer to dried plants as “remains”, a word that has associations with people as well.

  2. artsofmay says:

    Thank you. After I posted this entry, I, too, thought of the association of human death with dried plants.

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