To and From Virginia

Last week I travelled to central Virginia where redbuds and dogwoods were in bloom. I’ll post some of my recollections and images soon.  Meanwhile, here’s some of the cloudscapes I saw on the flights I took.


Clouds on a flight to Virginia, April 2013


Clouds on the return flight from Virginia, April 2013

The Beach in April

Tree & Lake Ontario

Overlooking Lake Ontario, The Beach, Toronto, April 2013

I went to the south eastern part of Toronto this week–an area off Lake Ontario called The Beach.  There I had an enjoyable long walk along and near the boardwalk, catching some early sights of spring–small buds, green shoots, flowers in the park. Along the way I saw joggers, bikers, wind sailors and dog walkers also out enjoying the day.

The Beach, Toronto

Near the waterfront in The Beach, Toronto, April 2013

Tree budding

Tree with new buds in The Beach, Toronto, April 2013

Beach Blue

Scilla in The Beach, Toronto, April 2013

Signs of Spring at the Brick Works

Pussy Willows

Pussy Willows at the Brick Works, late March 2013

A week ago Saturday, on a beautiful sunny day in Toronto, we decided to walk to a favourite haunt—Evergreen Brick Works.  There, I saw the first colt’s foot flowers I’ve ever seen.  Either I’ve been unobservant or they haven’t been that plentiful in the past.  Another possibility is that I haven’t been in the right location at the right time.  I also saw two large pussy willow trees which I have loved since childhood.

Colt's Foot

Colt’s Foot at the Brick Works, late March 2013

 The call of the red winged blackbirds was a welcome sound as was the sight of two Canada geese.  Though they are a plentiful bird whom many regard as nuisances, there they were by a pond, looking quite fine to me. 

Red-Winged Blackbird

Red-Winged Blackbird at the Brick Works, Toronto, late March 2013

Canada Geese

Canada Geese at Evergreen Brick Works, Toronto, late March 2013

Since then, crocuses have been adorning early gardens and I’ve been hearing the lovely song of the robin.