Large Yellow Lady’s Slippers

Large Yellow Lady's Slippers

Large Yellow Lady’s Slippers, by a laneway near Tobermory, Ontario, June 2013

When we were on the Bruce Peninsula, the yellow lady’s slippers were in bloom. They were by the roadside, in laneways and in the National Park where they were a delight to see.

Their Latin name is Cypripedium  calceolus. They’re members of the orchid family, one of a variety of orchids that the Peninsula is known for. The orchid grows to 8 to 28 inches tall with the yellow lip petal about 2 inches long. This is according  to my National Audubon Society Field Guide to Wildflowers and to my own observation. Though I did not go out and about with a tape measure!

I’ve included a photo from a laneway near where we stayed and from The Cyprus Lake Trail in the National Park.

Large Yellow Lady's Slippers

Large Yellow Lady’s Slippers in Bruce Peninsula National Park, June 2013

Smog in Toronto

Smog Over Toronto

Smog Over Toronto, evening July 2, 2013

I’ll be posting more about the beauty of Bruce Peninsula.  But meanwhile, we are in the midst of smog days in Toronto, which I think may be our first this year.  The smog alert began yesterday afternoon and is still with us.  From a high vantage point, where I took these photos, looking south from a little east of downtown, you can see the sweep of the pollution.  The smog is also over other cities and towns in southern Ontario. These are not uplifting photos, but more a call to continue working on reducing pollution in our societies.

Smog Over Toronto

Smog Over Toronto, morning July 3, 2013