Blue & Orange

Gorgeous autumn colours, Arrowhead Provincial Park, Ontario, October 2012

Gorgeous autumn colours, Arrowhead Provincial Park, Ontario, October 2012

Last Post for Now

It’s been an eventful summer. A few weeks ago my mother died. She was extremely old, but surprised us all by getting a fever one day and dying the next. I hadn’t been posting here that much before her death and now I think I will officially take a break. Thank you to everyone who’s read and viewed my posts and followed this blog. I’m still enjoying the natural world–both in the city and in the countryside. I looked through some of my photos and have selected this one from Saskatchewan when I was last there in 2011. All the best to you, nature lovers.

Cyrpess Hills Interprovincial Park, Saskatchewan, 2011.

Cyrpess Hills Interprovincial Park, Saskatchewan, 2011.

The Tree That Held Up the Cloud

It’s been a grey day in Toronto.  We’re moving slowly toward spring, but it’s not here yet. The trees’ bare branches will be with us for a while longer. In January, I saw this peach coloured cloud sitting in the arms of a tree in the neighbourhood. 

Tree & Cloud

Sun and Snow

We went to the Brick Works on Sunday after a wet snow on Saturday.  We started out under a cloudy sky that gave way to blue patches, then to bright sun.  We were among other walkers, a cross country skier and many frolicking dogs.

Brick Works

Clouds and blue sky above sumach at the Brick Works, Toronto, February 2, 2014

Brick Works

Bright sun at the Brick Works, Sunday Feb. 2/2014

Brick Works

Melting snow on branches at the Evergreen Brick Works, Feb. 2/14

Pigeons, pigeons

The other day I was viewing photos I had taken around a year ago to see what winter was looking like then. I came upon this image of pigeons on electrical wires on a grey day. They congregate near a tiny park outside a subway station in Toronto. I love these birds. They are a familiar and often undervalued sight in the city. But I enjoy seeing them on my walks, being careful, however, not to walk directly underneath them!


Pigeons on the wires, December 2012, Toronto

Sunset Through the Window


Sunset over Toronto through the window, Dec. 29/13

An intense sunset over Toronto a few days ago, looking south and west. I enjoy taking photographs through windows with reflections from the inside superimposed on the outside. The lamplight certainly is a dim distant cousin to the sun!

The Moon & Venus over Toronto

Moon and Venus, Sept. 8/2013

The Moon and Venus, Toronto, Sept. 8/2013.

I’ll be adding many more posts about my time in Newfoundland, but tonight, here in Toronto, the moon and Venus are visible.  And so, out came my camera and, despite shaky hands and no tripod, here’s what I’ve been seeing.  I’m looking south, as usual, from midtown.

Moon and Venus, Sept. 8/2013

The Moon and Venus over Toronto, Sept. 8/2013

More Dramatic Clouds

Clouds over Toronto

Sky over Toronto looking south from a little east of downtown, evening July 19, 2013

We didn’t get the full force of the storms that other parts of southern Ontario and southwestern Quebec got last night, but we had quite the show of amazing clouds. And there was much lightning to the south, perhaps across or over Lake Ontario.  

The Heat Wave Has Broken

Clouds over Toronto

An end to the heat wave–clouds over Toronto, July 19, 2013

We’ve had days of extreme heat, by Toronto standards, and humidity.  Up around 34 or 35 Celsius with great humidity making it feel in the 40s.  Earlier this evening, thunder storms brought us cooler weather and it looks like the storms are still brewing.

Smog in Toronto

Smog Over Toronto

Smog Over Toronto, evening July 2, 2013

I’ll be posting more about the beauty of Bruce Peninsula.  But meanwhile, we are in the midst of smog days in Toronto, which I think may be our first this year.  The smog alert began yesterday afternoon and is still with us.  From a high vantage point, where I took these photos, looking south from a little east of downtown, you can see the sweep of the pollution.  The smog is also over other cities and towns in southern Ontario. These are not uplifting photos, but more a call to continue working on reducing pollution in our societies.

Smog Over Toronto

Smog Over Toronto, morning July 3, 2013