Freshwater Fjord, Gros Morne National Park

Freshwater Fjord

Freshwater Fjord, Western Brook Pond, Newfoundland, August 2013

In August when we were in Newfoundland, we travelled to Gros Morne National Park in the western part of the province.  Gros Morne is a large, extremely beautiful park with a great variety of land and sea scapes. The park has been designated a world heritage site by UNESCO.

Freshwater Fjord

On the tour of the freshwater fjord, August 2013

We had heard that we must go see the freshwater fjord in Western Brook Pond while we were in Gros Morne. We took everyone’s advice and booked a two hour boat tour on the Pond.  

Fjords are long, narrow inlets in the sea with high cliffs arising on each side. The steep cliffs were carved out of rock by glaciers from former ice ages. Western Brook Pond once was connected to the ocean but it was cut off from it after the glaciers melted and the land, having less weight upon it, rebounded.

Freshwater Fjord

On the boat tour of the freshwater fjord, August 2013

We had a sunny day with a bit of wind on the lake, enough to regularly splash those of us standing excitedly at the bow to get great views of the cliffs as we travelled into their midst.  Another experience of profound beauty in Newfoundland.

Freshwater Fjords

Freshwater Fjord in Newfoundland, August 2013

Skerwink Trail, Newfoundland

Skerwink Trail

At the start of the Skerwink Trail in Newfoundland, August 2013

Another very beautiful and dramatic trail in Newfoundland is the Skerwink Trail. Skerwink is a local name for a Shearwater, a type of bird that lives in open sea–a pelagic seabird. The 5.3 km trail is near the town of Trinity.  We hiked the trail in August, often near the edge of cliffs overlooking the ocean. We took our time walking, stopping to photograph the land and sea, and to catch our breath as we climbed ever higher.

The trail is maintained wonderfully well with many stairs to help you in the ascent.  I was exhausted at the end of the trail, but did not regret taking it.

Skerwink Trail

Skerwink Trail along the Atlantic Ocean, August 2013

Skerwink Trail

A view from the Skerwink Trail, August 2013

Skerwink Trail

On the Skerwink Trail, August 2013

Skerwink Trail

Climbing the Skerwink Trail, August, 2013

Bruce Peninsula National Park

Cliffs in the Park

Cliffs overlooking Georgian Bay in Bruce Peninsula National Park, June 2013.

The Niagara Escarpment in Ontario, Canada is a UNESCO World Biosphere Reserve.  The Escarpment runs from Lake Ontario in the south over 700 kilometres to the most northerly part of the Bruce Peninsula.  On the Bruce Peninsula, where we were last week, we went to the National Park that’s part of that reserve.  We took a short walk up the Georgian Bay hiking trail on our first day.  These photos are of the rock cliffs overlooking Georgian Bay  with a view across Indian Head Cove of The Grotto, a very popular site with visitors.  On the deeply engraved rocks are very old small cedar trees and other plants hardy enough to live in this environment of wind, rock and cold winters.  

The water here looks tropical in its lovely pale turquoise near the shore, but it was only around 9 or 10 degrees Celsius when we were there.

Over Georgian Bay

Overlooking Georgian Bay, June 2013

Black and White Rock and Bay

A black and white photo of the cliff’s rock and the Bay, June 2013, Bruce Peninsula National Park