How Sweet It Is

Here’s a post after a long hiatus. I went to the Brickworks on this sunny day in Toronto. There, the light on the snow, the dried grasses, the trees were a boost to my spirit.


Winter Solstice in Toronto

Winter Solstice Crowd

The crowd in Alexandra Park for Winter Solstice, Toronto, 2012

Tonight I went with friends to the Kensington Market Winter Solstice Parade.  This year, because of the rain and drizzle, there ended up being no parade that we could see.  There were people wandering about with wonderful handmade lanterns wondering what was happening until word spread to head over to Alexandra Park.  There, we came upon a lively band and were in time to see a huge bonfire and, perhaps, acrobats twirling flames.  I say perhaps, because all three of us ranged from very short—me—to moderately so and could barely see over the throngs of people.  However, I caught glimpses of the roaring fire and sparks and had a fine unobstructed view of nearby trees lit from below by the intense orange light.  Though soggy, this was an enjoyable, abbreviated celebration marking the longest night of the year and ushering in the return of light.

Tree lit by bonfire

Tree lit by bonfire in Alexandra Park, Toronto, Dec. 21, 2012