Wood Lilies

Wood Lily

Wood Lily in the Bruce Peninsula National Park, June 2013

When we were in Bruce Peninsula National Park, I noticed flashes of deep orange as we drove to the park office.  Later, having hiked the Cyprus Lake Trail, we pulled over on the road and I got out and photographed these Wood Lilies.  I have no memory of seeing them in earlier years, but I could have been distracted then.  These were very beautiful flowers–with a crispness to their shape.  I saw them twice going into the Park and also along the northern part of highway 6 as we travelled south from Tobermory.

Wood Lily

Wood Lily and fern between road and woods in Bruce Peninsula National Park, June 2013

My trusty Audubon Wildflower Guide tells me that their Latin name is Lilium philadelphicum.  They also say the flowers are 2″ wide, but I remember them more like 3″ wide.  They grow 1 to 3 feet high and bloom from June to August.