Snow Through the Window

We got our first snow of the season on the weekend.  Here’s a scene through the window that I took today.

Snow 2013

Walking through snow, Toronto, December 18, 2013

Bruce Peninsula National Park

Cliffs in the Park

Cliffs overlooking Georgian Bay in Bruce Peninsula National Park, June 2013.

The Niagara Escarpment in Ontario, Canada is a UNESCO World Biosphere Reserve.  The Escarpment runs from Lake Ontario in the south over 700 kilometres to the most northerly part of the Bruce Peninsula.  On the Bruce Peninsula, where we were last week, we went to the National Park that’s part of that reserve.  We took a short walk up the Georgian Bay hiking trail on our first day.  These photos are of the rock cliffs overlooking Georgian Bay  with a view across Indian Head Cove of The Grotto, a very popular site with visitors.  On the deeply engraved rocks are very old small cedar trees and other plants hardy enough to live in this environment of wind, rock and cold winters.  

The water here looks tropical in its lovely pale turquoise near the shore, but it was only around 9 or 10 degrees Celsius when we were there.

Over Georgian Bay

Overlooking Georgian Bay, June 2013

Black and White Rock and Bay

A black and white photo of the cliff’s rock and the Bay, June 2013, Bruce Peninsula National Park

Goodbye February

February 28 Toronto

February 28/13, remnants of a very wet snow in Toronto.

Yesterday I took the 505—Dundas—streetcar into Toronto’s downtown.  It had snowed and rained all day on the 27th, leaving some wet snow on the residential streets.  However, downtown it was hard to tell there had been any snow the day before.

Henry Moore Sculpture

The Henry Moore Sculpture outside the Art Gallery of Ontario, February 28/13, Toronto

Henry Moore Closeup

The Henry Moore with small trees outside the AGO, Toronto, Feb. 28/13

Here’s some of the photos I took showing the grey day, sometimes through grey areas of the city, winding up near the Art Gallery of Ontario.  Downtown, the occasional tree softened the gritty scene.

Feb. 28, Toronto

From the 505 Streetcar on Dundas Street, Toronto, Feb. 28/13

Riverdale Park, Toronto

Riverdale Park, Toronto, February 28/13