Sunset Through the Window


Sunset over Toronto through the window, Dec. 29/13

An intense sunset over Toronto a few days ago, looking south and west. I enjoy taking photographs through windows with reflections from the inside superimposed on the outside. The lamplight certainly is a dim distant cousin to the sun!

The Moon & Venus over Toronto

Moon and Venus, Sept. 8/2013

The Moon and Venus, Toronto, Sept. 8/2013.

I’ll be adding many more posts about my time in Newfoundland, but tonight, here in Toronto, the moon and Venus are visible.  And so, out came my camera and, despite shaky hands and no tripod, here’s what I’ve been seeing.  I’m looking south, as usual, from midtown.

Moon and Venus, Sept. 8/2013

The Moon and Venus over Toronto, Sept. 8/2013

To and From Virginia

Last week I travelled to central Virginia where redbuds and dogwoods were in bloom. I’ll post some of my recollections and images soon.  Meanwhile, here’s some of the cloudscapes I saw on the flights I took.


Clouds on a flight to Virginia, April 2013


Clouds on the return flight from Virginia, April 2013

Political Drama, Sombre Thoughts & Ordinary Beauty

Toronto–Cloud and Trees, November 2012

Earlier this week in Toronto, our mayor was ordered out of office by a judge who found him guilty of conflict of interest.  The mayor is going to appeal the decision, so we’ll see what next unfolds in this political drama.

Late Afternoon Moon, Toronto, November 2012

Out on my rambles, I contemplate political turmoil and photograph the sky, the patterns of the bare branches, the late fall gardens and pigeons in flight.  Often my thoughts turn to the times we live in, where so much of the natural world is in peril, threatening all our health and lives.  Both the wonder and the terribleness of life are present every day.  As much as I can, I like to be open to ordinary beauty, while not denying that the peril exists.

Today, I’m including photos I’ve taken both in recent weeks and earlier this week.  And, after lunch, I’ll be out on a walk again.

Pigeons in Flight, Downtown Toronto, Nov. 2012