Kortright Centre in Spring

Kortright May

By a stream at Kortright Centre for Conservation, May 2013

Last weekend I went to Kortright Centre for Conservation for a walk in the woods.  The day was cool and sunny—perfect weather for hiking in comfort.  The woods were a vibrant green, a little deeper in hue than the first yellow green of spring. 

Kortright May

Green Kortright, May 2013

Kortright May

Ferns by the stream at Kortright Centre, May 2013

I photographed the woods and stream in colour and when I wanted to emphasize patterns, I moved to black and white.

Kortright May

In the woods at Kortright Centre, May 2013

 As always, when I am at Kortright,  I felt a great sense of peacefulness to be in those welcoming woods, so close to Toronto and yet in a world so different.

Kortright May

At Kortright Centre, May 2013

While in Charlottesville


Woods and stream in Charlottesville, Virginia, April 2013

Last week when I was in Virginia, I stopped in Charlottesville.  Off the main roads, we walked in a wooded area accompanied by the melodies of song birds.  The trees and plants had put forth spring yellow-green foliage.  This was wonderful to see after travelling south from Toronto where only the first buds had begun to show.  Not that those hadn’t been welcome too, just that spring was at a more abundant stage in Virginia.


Dwarf irises in the woods, Charlottesville, Virginia, April 2013

 In the woods, I came upon wild violets and pale lavender dwarf irises arising through last autumn’s leaves.   A small stream flowed nearby and the temperature was in the upper 70s.


Redbud tree in Charlottesville, Virginia, April 2013

 To and from the woods, we walked across landscaped ground.  Redbud trees were in bloom with tulips and azaleas in a garden plus another pale green flower I have not identified. The dogwood in flower is from a nearby location.


Dogwood tree in Charlottesville, Virginia, April, 2013

In the Snow at Kortright Centre for Conservation, 2

Kortright Centre in Snow

Kortright Centre in the Snow, Feb. 10/13, Ontario

Here’s a few more photos from our day at Kortright Centre earlier this month.  A beautiful, memorable time in the snow.

Kortright in the Snow

Kortright in the Snow, Feb. 10/13

Kortright Centre in Snow

Stream through the snow at Kortright Centre, Feb. 10/13

Snow at Kortright

Snow at Kortright Centre on old roots, Feb. 10/13

Kortright snow

At Kortright Centre, Feb. 10/13

Kortright Centre–Early Winter

Kortright Boardwalk

Boardwalk at Kortright Centre for Conservation, Dec. 2012

A few days before Christmas, I went northwest out of Toronto to the Kortright Centre for Conservation near Kleinburg, Ontario.  We had had no snow in Toronto at that point.  Our first was on the night of Dec. 26th.  At Kortright we found a dusting of snow in the woods. 

Kortright Boardwalk

Another view of the Boardwalk at Kortright Centre, Ontario, Dec. 2012

Kortright Stream

Stream at Kortright Centre, Ontario, Dec. 2012

As ever, this humble, yet beautiful, 800 acres of land lifted my spirits.  We hiked through the woods to the stream noting familiar, well-loved trees and hills and my favourite old roots from a fallen tree beside a trail.  I’ve photographed these roots in all seasons over the years.  And I’ve also painted them from several angles, bringing the peace of the near countryside into the city as I painted.

Old Roots Kortright

Old Roots at Kortright, Ontario, Dec. 2012

Old Roots Painting

Painting of Old Roots at Kortright by Lily S. May, 2008

We continued on, and I believe we saw an owl in the woods.  A bird with a large wingspan flew onto a tree too far away for me to clearly see his or her details.  But the silhouette seemed to me one of an owl.  I have heard of daytime owl sightings at Kortright in the past, but had never before seen the bird.  Earlier we’d seen a cardinal and blue jay at feeders outside the café and, as we hiked, we heard the calls of chickadees.