Green Point Coastal Trail, Gros Morne National Park

Coastal Trail

Coastal Trail in Gros Morne Park, August 2013

Our first attempt to go on the boat tour of the freshwater fiord in Gros Morne did not go as scheduled because of torrents of rain and lightning.  However, once the weather cleared, we went on a hike on the Coastal Trail near Green Point,  south of the fiord.  This cobbled beach trail is flat and runs right along the coast off the Gulf of St. Lawrence.  We saw marshy ponds and passed tuckamore forests.  Tuckamore is the Newfoundland word for stunted spruce and balsam fir trees that grow by the coast and in mountainous areas.


Tuckamore along the Coastal Trail, Newfoundland, August 2013

Coastal Trail

On the Coastal Trail, August 2013

We did not take the full 6 km return hike, because we could see more thunderstorms brewing in the distance and travelling toward us. Since we were on totally open ground, we felt it was safest to turn around.  We were among several other hikers, all of us doing the return hike in record time.  This trail has stayed with me for its haunting atmosphere.  I found it of great beauty.

Coastal Trail

Thunderstorms approaching–Coastal Trail, August 2013