Ice Storm

Ice Storm

After the ice storm, Toronto, December 22 2013

Ice Storm

Birch branches coated with ice, Toronto, Dec. 22/13

We had a freezing rain storm in Toronto that began gradually on Friday the 20th and continued until Sunday the 22nd. The storm spread east and included much of southern Ontario, Quebec and the Maritime Provinces. In Toronto, the largest amount of freezing rain fell over the early hours of Sunday, which is when around 300,000 people lost electricity.  We were two of those people.  The light and heat went out well before dawn on Sunday and our power wasn’t restored until Tuesday early afternoon. This morning I heard that another 50,000 people in Toronto were still in the dark and cold. There’s also tens of thousands in the same boat elsewhere in Ontario and the East Coast.

Ice Storm

On Dec. 22/13, after the storm in Toronto.

Ice Storm

Dec. 24/13, sun on ice coated branches, Toronto.

Ice Storm

Evening and ice coated branches, Dec. 24/13, Toronto

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